Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Predator 2 - It has not been a nice day

Take the first movie, move the shoot to an easier location to work in and crack on with making sequels the way they are supposed to be made. Set up the plot, kill off the characters and end with a massive chase/hunt.
Get some good action actors (Glover, Paxton, Bussey), Some bad un's (most of the rest) and some OTT ones (hey the mighty Paxton again :)) and remember that it's the man in the suit and the awesome score that really make this franchise. You'll be onto a winner.
Some shocking delivered lines from the Hispanic cops does not distract from the fact that this is the second best Predator movie.


Rob said...

Bullshit of the highest order. And what fine bullshit.

Can you remember the last time Paxton played a character this much fun (he doesn't do it anymore)?

sickboy said...

Nope. We need the old Paxton back.

Cinema needs the old Paxton Back.