Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Predators - Danger! Danger! Will Robinson

An action reboot and apparent sequel to the first Predator movie gets that billing for no apparent reason. Averagely dull action stars and too much of the bad stuff from King Kong and The Mist for me. You know, stupid CGI alien stuff.

Thing is, despite Brody being broody, Fishburne being great/fat and the rest being ok fodder. It just tries too hard. It seems an irrelevance to put these characters in various states of confusion when the majority of the viewers know what's coming. You just get no involvement or connection to their plight.

No bombastic score. No second half urgency. Laurence Fishburne is Tim Robbins in War of the Worlds. And a predictable seen it coming a mile off so a real shame it wasn't worth waiting for samurai scene.

Let Down. No better, but no worse than AVP, albeit for different reasons.


Rob said...

Nice observation about Fishburne = Robbins.

I definitely prefered this to every way I can think of actually. I love the set up but it loses momentum and goes limp at the end. Both Predator 1 & 2 go into full on, non stop, cat & mouse mode in their last 30 minutes. This stopped and had a nice chat.

But I have to admit I like it more than most I've talked to...

sickboy said...


"stopped and had a chat"

That is perhaps the classiest observation one could ever hope to read :)