Thursday, 30 June 2011

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 - Scream if you wanna go Faster

A perfectly acceptable attempt at making a totally unnecessary and pointless movie. The original Nightmare movie is a perfect blend of gore and scares and over the top bad guy.  That's why it works. That's why people love it and that's why Freddy is such an Iconic anti hero. The franchise both followed and established the rules for such movies.

This re imagining bullshit movie forgets all that and dishes out a big steaming turd affair. You can't side with the kids (you never can in a slasher, they're just fodder), and you can't side with Freddy.  No, not only because he isn't played by the Brilliant and maniacal Robert Englund  but because they keep ramming it down your throat about him being a Paedo.  Way to completely miss the point.

Don't waste your time on this and watch the original instead. It hasn't dated.

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