Thursday, 2 June 2011

Pirates if the Caribbean On Stranger Tides - This is 4 right?

I don't really get the POTC movies.  The first one was great, but the following two were just ....... there.  Pirates 4 is in the same bracket as the other sequels.  It's good to watch but will (and already has a day later) just blur into the rest.  Leaving you to think "what one did that happen in?"

Much like Harry Potter films, they are all the same.  Lots of double crossing pirates, stiff upper lip British, a treasure (of which the viewer is unsure what it is even when they find it and also totally unsure of who really wanted it), Jack's crazy walk and chat and an ending to lead to another movie.

The only thing that makes you go "Wow!!!" in this chapter is finding out that the missing Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom are really quite important to help these movies flow. Go Figure?

That said, I do love a good Pirate outing :) 

Question - This quartet of Pirate movies is now an ass numbing 599 minutes.  How many more sequels are on the horizon given the money they make??, But more importantly, why the hell do they have to be so long?  I fear if Bruckheimer get's his mate Michael Bay to direct the next one that, awesomely ridiculous though it could be, I may die trying to watch to the end.

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