Monday, 16 March 2009

Death Sentence - Hey pig piggy pig pig pig all of my fears came true

I know that in my head there are loads of ideas just waiting to be put onto celluloid. I know they are influenced heavily by all the films I have seen, all the books I have read. I know the images, I know the camera tricks, I know the sound cuts, the shocks, the style. I also know that even though I would think it was amazing, If I sat back and re-evaluated would be shit. Maybe, just maybe, they should have done that with this.

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Pete Tiley / Titan Images said...

Having just watched this, one has to say that I concur. A real turkey of a movie and so many poor 'nods' to other movies it was painful. Interesting to note that the script writer wrote Death Wish, which in retorspect is garbage too, but if it aint broke why fix it. AND wtf is John Goodman doing playing a badass...????!?!?!??!

Are you 'You lookin' at me...?'

Peace out with a 357 Magnum.