Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Slither - Rape my mind and smell the poppies

These films are few and far between nowadays. Eight Legged Freaks, springs to mind as a similar example. I'm sure there were more when I was a kid. Perhaps I should start going back to the video store. Maybe there are not as many that look as good as this. Performs within it's budget and audience and that's what makes it work. It's pretty gruesome in places as well so you don't know whether to laugh or be sick. Not sure if I like it or love it but I have seen it three times now so, Meh!!!!

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Rob said...

If you put Nathan Fillion (who should be in everything) in your media project, there are 2 things that will happen:-
1/ It will be all the better for it.
2/ It will not attract a wide audience.

Great fun this. Check out James Gunn's web series "PG Porn" for further amusement.