Saturday, 7 March 2009

Resident Evil:Apocalypse - Shoot someone in the head

More chicks with guns. Starts at full speed with quick edits and flashbacks. And the shot of the Black SUVs cruising along was always gonna look great. Alas, it soon descends into kind of a mess. Poorly scripted and acted with some terrible direction of action scenes. Not sure why as the helmer has/had pedigree for this sort of thing. The Bad Taste-esq bad guy would only work in a Peter Jackson ironic way and I didn't spot any. But as I said at the start 'Chicks With Guns', so my shallow needs are met.

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Rob said...

My DVD collection is filled with dumb action films. It don't matter if they're poorly acted or poorly directed, as long as they're entertaining.

Unfortunately, this isn't.