Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The Hitcher - How many years is a generation??

It does seem that they are remaking a lot of Horror films in the noughties. This is a bit of a treasured classic for people of my age, so I'll ignore that for the review. Like most of these remakimaginingboots, it seems that they up the gore factor and skimp on the scare factor (My words). I think they did that here to a degree but the scares were lessened by the fact it doesn't get dark early enough in the summer. This film looks fantastic though, it really does, no budget skimps and the actors are well into there roles. Sean Bean is a legend but he's no Rutger Hauer. You ain't never gonna perfect that stare Sharpe. Mostly the same as the original minus the 'gay' undertones. Never picked up on those in the '86 film so think it may just be a classic case of male insecure sexuality issues.


Rob said...

Wow! There are gay untertones in the original???!!!

As for Beam, he's miscast here.
Why not give the legend a suitable star vehicle such as a Lord of the Rings spin off where Boromire gets the One Ring.
Or better still, an action movie featuring his SAS wannabe from Ronin. "There's some rasberry jam back there!" Mint.

sickboy said...

LOL -Apparently so. I was informed of this by a blog follower who never posts. Checked it out on imdb and there is discussion that is laughed out the room. Obviously if you look at a man you must be gay abd not justa disturbed psycho killer.