Thursday, 11 June 2009

Star Trek - Shadows?? On My Lungs???

Not blown away by this as much as I was expecting. I'm a fan of JJ, both his TV and Feature Film work. But maybe others had set the bar too high. Was watching T4 before this sending my archiving film brain into overload??? It was good, It was a yarn, but it was still Trek by numbers for me. No need to cream your pants if you get me drift! I will buy this and I will watch this again, the being Trekker that I am, but I think too many have gone overboard in expressing the adulation for this movie. Am I jaded???? Am I dying????? Can I not appreciate film anymore???


Rob said...

This doesn't have an original plot. And in Trek terms, the story's almost insultingly shallow.

Production-wise, Michael Bay's been doing this flash stuff for years.

For me the pant-moistening comes from the following combination:-

Trek + Bayhem + FUN = Trek 2009

sickboy said...

Yep a great movie but not what I was expecting. Trek for Trek haters maybe???

Rob said...

Well they seem to have captured the Hardcore Trekkers imaginations with this one.

I do have to wonder though, If you removed the clever alternative universe explaination...and just did a straight remake in exactly the same way as presented here, whether the Trekkies would tear it apart. Me thinks they would.

As for existing Trek haters, word of mouth around the workplace suggests its converting people.

Perhaps they like Chris Pine and The Shat was too much to take?