Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Mind Hunters - Brain Numbness

Renny Harlin. Check. Val Kilmer. Check. Christian Slater. Check. Johnny Lee Miller. Check. That pale women from Cold Case. Check. Eva Herzigova. Czech. The list goes on meaning this should be good, but it isn............

Wait, it's not bad. When I first saw this years ago I thought it was excellent popcorn fodder. Some great actors (poor stereotyped characters maybe - this is Renny), some good death scenes and a few jumps. Maybe the fact that it was a illegal copy made it that bit more edgy??? Who knows. It's worth a watch I think, although others may disagree. Not life changing but not Kak. It just doesn't stand up to a second viewing, even though I didn't realise this until the third. I certainly never noticed the terrible music on the first watch.


Rob said...

Love this movie (although I always felt the wanky guitar music undermined the damn thing) but I haven't watched it in a while.

It's weird how Renny Harlin films don't stand up over time. I used to love his early efforts like Prison and Elm Street 4...but they seem a little tacky now.


sickboy said...

Spot on Rob. No denying that most people would love this on first viewing. Or at least get someting out of it.