Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Titanic - Am I giving away the ending if I tell you it sinks?

This movie is about 12 years old now and it still looks fantastic. Shows a few flaws but then hey! don't we all. JC really nailed this one despite the criticism that was flying about re the cost, the tone and the sets. I think people were still reeling form Waterworld's over budget extravaganza and weren't prepared to give it a break. You watch it for the first time expecting some wuss love story but you get so much more. Epic Visual Feast. Will never be seen or appreciated by some, but then that's their loss. Of course I'm not sure if Cameron ever matched this but then that may have something to do with the fact that he went 'nuts'.


Rob said...

Brilliant brilliant movie.

I'm glad I'm not the only ione who has noticed...but there is a section of the population that REFUSE to watch this.

"It's a crap love story"..."I know the ending, what's the point"..."It's supposed to be crap".

Er, no. 11 Oscars mofos!

Nick said...

Titanic is fab.

It's a bloomin' James Cameron film for the love of Lemmy!

The dude doesn't make bad films. He makes big, smart, gorgeously mounted, technically wondrous movies with strong stories, characters and plenty of heart.

Titanic is not his best film (that would still be Aliens) but it's still fab and way ahead of what almost all other filmmakers can do.

Bring on Avatar :D