Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Highlander - There should have been only one

Highlander rocks! Simple. It's dated, looks TV Movie at times and it jumps to conclusions too quickly. But that's only the bad bits, the good stuff reigns for longer screen time. It's a shame it spawned so many sequels that just seem to contain the bad bits of the first.

What you have here is a simple fantasy love story that is heavy on the sword slashing kilt wearing head chopping action. All topped off by a rocking soundtrack by Queen. You could probably drop the 'fantasy love story' angle as well if you're not trying to get the girlfriend to watch it.

I have seen this movie so many times and under so many incarnations and this time the revisit was in Blu Ray. Wow! Stunning! I saw things in this movie that I have never seen before. That said, there were still one or two frames that were missing from this European cut that are present in the US one. But I think they were a 'slip' anyway :)


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