Sunday, 13 September 2009

Mamma Mia - !<$£ Off

I watch a lot of $hit movies but I chuffing hate ABBA songs so I ain't never gonna watch this.


Pete Tiley / Titan Images said...

It is shit, utter shit.

sickboy said...

I didn't doubt that for a minute

Rob said...

What terrifies me isn't Abba. Sure, I'd rather rip off my scrote with an enraged chipmonk, than listen to Dancing Queen...but I can't say I hate the rest of their stuff.

Nope what prevents me from watching this is the poster. Specifically Stellan Skarsgard.

He's the creepoy fucker from Deep Blue Sea, Ronin and King Arthur. Creepy, twisted little man. And that's fine. That's why I love him.

But what manner of evil made him pose like a twat and give THAT expression.

Absolutely fucking terrifying.

Nick said...

I don't mind the odd musical. There are a few I really like such as Sweeney Todd. But this just looks like utter shite of the highest order.

Oh, and I also truly hate Abba so no frakking chance of me ever seeing this. Which makes it about level with the Sex in the City movie. GHAAA!!!

The Psychotic Swan said...

I watched the live show, in London, which was surprisingly good.

I caught the last half hour of this 'film' on Sky the other week. It was... shite. Simple as.

Brosnan - you can't sing. You were a good Bond. Now fuck off.

sickboy said...

LOL - It's not even funny that they can't sing. At least Alan Rickman was funny in Sweeney Todd as he tried to avoid breaking into chorus.

I really would prefer to slash my wrists than listen to ABBA.