Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Poltergeist - I was Here!!!

Steven Spielbergs Horror movie. He wrote it, he edited it and he probably directed it. Who knows for sure. One thing is it has the trade mark touches of the Berg. Great American Suburbs, Kids that can act, Geeky Dads and Scares for all. Apparently directed by Tobe Hooper but this is so far removed from TCM it's not funny (even though it is). Might have been gutted if I turned up to watch this on release expecting more hack and slash.

Scared me as a kid and still worth a watch every now and again (every 10 years or so) even if it doesn't quite live up to a Horror or a Spielberg winner. Could probably find a niche market in Primary schools to introduce kids to the wonder of Horror cinema???.

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