Monday, 31 August 2009

Torchwood - You got to go there to come back

I have watched the first two seasons of Torchwood before. I'm not sure how much I liked them but I'm pretty sure I thought it was getting good at the end of Season 2. So why did I feel the need to revisit season 1, well for the same reason I will be watching Season 6 of Smallville - I'm a bargain hunting HD whore.

Anyway, I'm two episodes in and what have I learned. Well It's British. I always hope for a British TV (mainly scifi) show to be as good as some of our American imports. They never are of course but then I suppose I have to understand that they can't be as they are UK not US. I suppose if I was American then I might pick the same holes in USTV as I do in my own. So what are these holes.................

Well, there's that fact that this is Dr Who for adults (allegedly), Who after dark I suppose. What does that mean? Well it means a copper can say the word 'Fuck' after about 3 mins for a start. In a Welsh accent as we are based in Cardiff. In fact everybody seems to be TOO Welsh at times. So much so that I don't think half the actors are Welsh themselves. Which would make sense as the last time I went to Cardiff it seemed quite a cultural city.

So, apart from swearing and Welshness what else can they do. They can do Sex of course. And, Well it is Russell T Davies so that means we get the 1 in 4 as well. I'm only 2 episodes in and we've had some girl on girl, mano mano and even a Gay sperm donation. He's so predictable.

Anyway the obligatory new girl takes someones place first episode and a bit too much like 'Species' second episode and I think I've got 11 to go. Lets hope season 2 gets reduced in price soon.

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