Thursday, 6 August 2009

Unleashed - Danny the Dog to some

Not directed by Luc Besson but has his style all over it. Lets face it if you see Bessons name on a film you know it will be good (Hmmmm... Bandidas?!?) Silly maybe, shallow even, but still a great watch for popcorn lovers at the very least. The story of a man raised like a dog to do his masters bidding when the collar is removed falls into the'silly' category alright but who cares with action and acting this good.(note - Action from Jet Li Acting from Freeman and Hoskins) The simple story works though and Li does play his dual character rather well considering this is an English language film. And those fights man....... Awesometasticalbaroombrallingness give me more more more :)


Rob said...

Love this movie. Bob Hoskins is simply great in this. If only all of Jet Li's english language movies were this good (the Mummy 3, I'm looking at you)

Nick said...

Unleashed is one of those cool, slick and bone crunchingly violent Besson actioners I love. It is also surprisingly serious in tone with Hoskins delivering a fab bad guy performance. Jet Li kicks butt good.