Thursday, 6 August 2009

The Happening - Yep I watched it again

I had to. I kept seeing bits of it on Sky Premier so I sat down and watched the whole movie again. Well maybe about half of it. You see it has some truly great moments, it really does. But it is still very very very poor. It didn't have to be though and it's not just Wahlbergs fault. There has to be more people that have to own up. Yeah, filming some wind blowing through trees is unlikely to be scary but then it could and should at least build tension for a moment and not make you laugh your ass off. Take a few tips from The Omen M.Knight (see previous) you wasted what could have worked. We await Air Bender with anticipation but for all the wrong reasons.


Rob said...

Yep, the opening sequence with the rooftop suicides and park is pure Shyamalan genius.

But the performances stink (the director's partly to blame as Deshenal's usually pretty good).

M Night usually plan every shot to the last detail. But where was he on this movie, eh? Where I ask?

Nick said...

The 'attack' sequences are cool but the rest sucks major balls. Wahlberg was just appalling, as was the usually good Deshenal. Only John Leguizamo came out of it with any kind of credibility...and that's probably only cuz he wasn't in it much. What a shitfest.