Thursday, 6 August 2009

Eastern Promises - This used to made in Bristol .....right???

A slow and brooding thriller from horror legend Cronenberg. Strangely there is no horror or even the weirdness that crept into similar genre jumping piece - 'A History Of Violence'. A lot of people thought this slow or dated but I think they missed the directors style. His films are often appear empty looking affairs, much like Kubrick, it helps you draw your own thoughts. I can forgive these people as they are the ones missing out. Even though the violence is sparse and quite obvious when it appears, I was always on the edge of my seat in terror of what was going to happen. Viggo and the ever better Vincent Cassel assured this as they were in over intense mode.

All said and done though this was a film about East European gangsters. Scarface is one of my all time movies and the awesome GTA III kind of ruined that film for me when it stuck the soundtrack to that movie in it's game. It loses certain moments when I re watch it now. My fault for playing the game to death I suppose. Alas GTA IV has also lessened the effect of the Russian gangster. Oh well :)

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