Sunday, 30 August 2009

50 First Dates - They would never go as well as this

Adam Sandler. Comedian, Musician, Performer, Romantic, Idiot. I'm pretty sure he mostly plays himself in his films, but why change when you can be this funny. Now Romcom is not a genre that I sit that comfortably with. The Ex is an example of the average category that these films usually fall into. But when you get something like The Heartbreak Kid, The Wedding Singer and this to fit that bill, I'm with it all the way. The difference being is that I don't want to watch some sappy shit for girls unless I get some crazy ass comedy shit going on to. Thank god for the Sandler, Barrymore, Schnieder show.

A truly moving story hiding under that adolescent humour showing either mans pursuit of his dream girl or mans pursuit for something he cant have. You do the math.

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Rob said...

Defintely one of my fav Sandler movies. Two thoughts...
1/ I never thought Sandler was that funny in this. But I always admired that he got a hilarious supporting ensemble and was humble enough to let them go for it.
2/ Barrymore is utterly adorable. Utterly.