Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The Family Man - F***ing Nic Cage

Yeah it's a nice story. Yeah it's a feel good-ish movie. Yay!!! It's set at Christmas. I even like the 'It's a Wonderful Life' undertones. But come on, Bloody Nic Cage. How much more of his over the top performances do I have to endure just cause I want to watch a film. Sodding Nic Cage. I used to like him. He even manages to put in the stupid expression and dance around moves into a bloody Xmas film. "Er we need a man to dance round like a prat in his underwear. Cruise doesn't do that now does he??? Ok, can we get Cage?".

Early stuff I like, but since Con Air, he's lost credibility. And he seems to show four signs constantly so maybe I should get him to hold his arms in the air to confirm.


Rob said...

It's a Brett Ratner film si The Family Man gets no respect from me.

I like Cage.

It's exactly in films like this (and Ghost Rider, Next and The Wicker Man) that he earns his paycheque. The goofy acting and funny haircuts are the ONLY things worth watching them for.

Nick aka Puppet Angel said...

I've only seen this once a few years back. I remember virtually nothing of it. It made no impact at all. But then it is a Brett Ratner film. It is designed to make no impact at all.