Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Gremlins - Uh Oh!!!

Cute pets, classic 80s cast, anarchic comic book violence and comedy genius. Joe Dante, Chris Columbus, Steven Spielberg and Jerry Goldsmiths classic score to boot. I can't tell you much about Gremlins, but if you have never seen it then your missing out. Spawned thousands of poor imitations that could never match the blend and appeal of this Christmas treat.


Nick aka Puppet Angel said...

Gremlins is a classic. Another great Xmas movie along with Lethal Weapon and Die Hard. Heh heh! You can keep your It's A Wonderful Life and the like. I'll keep with these evil little rubber buggers.

Rob said...

I can't imagine this getting made these days, When the inevitable remake appears, gone will be the black humor and Loony Tunes sensibility.

Classic stuff.