Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Lethal Weapon - That's a real badge, I'm a real cop and this is a real firing gun

Just like presents, Xmas movies come in all shapes and sizes. This action classic from '87 is pretty close to genre perfection to me. Especially if Xmas Action movie is a genre. The 80s spawned the Big Budget Comedy/thriller/actioner (usually with it's poorer sequels in tow), see Beverly Hills Cop & Die Hard for the other family members, a special era. It's funny because at times this film seems dated, but then you realise that it's just been imitated so many times, (even on TV shows nowdays) that maybe it's been diluted for the modern audience. But when the key action scenes kick in even the most jaded movie goer can't help but be amazed.

Gibson in one of his top 3 roles for me (Mad Max and William Wallace being the others) and Danny Glover just uniquely 'Danny Glover'. They definitely do not make them like this anymore and cinema is poorer for it. And maybe the TV edited showing is too :-)


Nick aka Puppet Angel said...

Lethal Weapon is awesome! A perfect Shane Black script under Richard Donner's slick but gritty direction plus the wonderful chemistry of Gibson and Glover just makes for cinematic action thriller nirvana. The sequels are good fun (especially 2) but veered off too much in to comedy. You just can't beat this original classic. The pinacle of buddy cop movies.

Rob said...

Spot on review.

Shane Black's script might be my favorite. Like Ever!