Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The Prestige - Your a magician not a wizard

More period Drama. This time featuring turn of the century dueling magicians. A lavish affair bought to us by Chris Nolan and with his CV you know you're in for a treat. Strong acting stunning visuals and the expected twist. I didn't spot it. The sleight of hand is in the story telling as well. That's what gives the film repeat viewing for me and I have seen it a few times. There's even a bit of Steam Punk in there to broaden the audience appeal.


Nick aka Puppet Angel said...

Brilliant film. As we'd expect from Mr Nolan (No, not Rob).

I haven't watched it for a while but now you've reminded me so I will go back to this wicked sleight of hand Chris Nolan played on the audience.

Rob said...

Best director of the decade.
No question about it.