Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Timeline - Much like their records, seemed like a good deal....

Ironic that this is from the same author as Jurassic Park, as at times the cast feels like they were the seconds from that classy number. It's worth a watch probably once, if only for Anna Friel. But there are things to note before you jump in :-

1) Bad time travel films always have me questioning every plot hole whilst I'm being bored.

2) Paul Walker can only be himself, so putting him anywhere but West Coast America as a bratty 20 something narcissist is not going to work.

3) Billy Connolly is a fine man, a fine actor and a fantastic stand up. But when did you ever see him in an unmissable movie?

4) Tight camera shots are great when you're watching a film about being trapped in a cave or a space ship. Otherwise they can feel like a TV show.

5) I don't like BBCs Robin Hood. Do you??

6) Jurassic Park, Westworld, Andromeda Strain...................Congo, Sphere, 13th Warrior.

7) If you have ever seen The One Show and that Scottish bloke who likes history then Gerard Butlers character is pretty much ruined for you. If he was any good in the first place.

Make your own judgement.


Rob said...

1/ Go with the flow (unless it's Star Trek: Generations)

2/Frankly, putting Paul Walker on death row is the only thing that's going to work.


4/Haven't noticed that before. The director of Superman, The Omen and Lethal Weapon should know better.

5/Yes, the BBC's Robin Hoodie and his merry students is shite.

6/The ordering of that list is nearly correct. Although I confess to liking ALL his adaptations, including THe 13th Warrior and Sphere. Oh, and even Runaway.

7/Never seen that bloke. Butler is the man. But he does do any SHOUTING in this.

A crap, indefendable movie. That I rather like.

sickboy said...

I always felt the camera work was down to budget.

sickboy said...

And I've seen it about 3 times so cant say I hate it. At least now I've sold the DVD though so that's a bonus.

Nick aka Puppet Angel said...

I watched this once a few years back and thought it was pretty average and rather dull. Not the standard I'd expect from Donner. Still, Anna Friel was in it. So not all bad then.