Thursday, 21 January 2010

Apollo 13 - Are there still people who don't think we went to the moon??

NASA space program. OK I'm hooked. A brilliant flick form the 90s bought to us by Ron 'Richie' Cunnigham-Howard about the ill fated and thus, aptly named Apollo 13 space mission. Well you can see where the conspiracy theorists get a foot hold. Number 13, what were the chances?? It launched at 13:13, Lovell's wife dropped her wedding ring down the shower. But this all happened, and its only Hot Shots that we have to blame for any doubt in coincidence. Wendy I can Flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Still, I'm missing the point. This is a story based very much in fact and filmed that way also. The sets and costumes and attitudes are spot on for the time (60s/70s America). Time was spent creating the sets, such as the Lem and mission control to ensure their authenticity. It all looks fantastic. The CGI used to create the Saturn 5 rocket launch (wow) and Subsequent space scenes are amazing and are still looking great today. Their scale and majesty just as immense as the actual event.

Howard is probably the only director that could bring this dramatic tale to the screen as it's all so American feel good at the same time. It never distracts from the drama though. We Were Soldiers had the wives club bringing widows the bad news in between the war drama and it didn't work (laughable in fact). In this it adds to the character development and the viewer is more involved for it.

Space and Paxton (even in non OTT mode) Brilliant!


Rob said...

When will Paxton be recognised for his significant contribution to cinema...that's what I wanna know.

You could see him sat at The Golden Glode awards recently, polietely clapping for his TV show, Big Love.

Maybe James Cameron will hire him for the inevitable Avatar sequel. Now a ten foot tall, blue cat alien with the personality of Chet from Weird 3D!

That's gotta be worth an award, surely?

Nick aka Puppet Angel said...

I haven't seen this for years. I remember it being very good. But Ron Howard is usually dependable and makes solid, well made films if never truly outstanding ones.