Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Jennifer's Body - Falling apart at the seams

Now before I start I must add that I think I fall outside of the 99.9% of the world who think Megan Fox is hot. I don't get the obsession. I remember when I saw Transformers and commented to someone that it was just 'Okay and could have done without the human element subplot'. They quickly chipped in with ' yeah, maybe, but...Megan Fox!!!!' She's far from ugly, but then so are many people.

So to the movie.....

It's a good little flick that maybe hovers (not flys) inbetween a required audience. It's not strong enough to be a horror, it's not hip enough to be teen high school and it probably wants to be too clever. That said, to me it fell into the realm of Heathers and The Faculty for watchability and that means it's got rewatchability too. I didn't really know what to expect when I switched it on and that maybe helped a little. Plus it's got a great soundtrack. Anything with the White Lies on is a winner for me.

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Nick aka Puppet Angel said...

I really like Jennifer's Body....and the film ain't bad either! Har Har!

Seriously though, I really like this film. It's nicely dark and quirky and writer Diablo Cody has fun with teenage and horror film conventions subverting them in to a twisted tale of feminist power and sisterhood. It reminded me of the superior Ginger Snaps mixed with a dose of Heathers and a smidgen of Joss Whedon - especially in the invented teenspeak that Cody enjoys playing with. And Megan Fox IS hot. There is no denying it. A truly sexy girl. But for me it is the excellent Amanda Seyfried as best friend Needy who is the true star of this film and by far the girl who I'd go for. Needy rocks!

A fun and freaky film which was wierdly hated on and ignored in the US (some Megan Fox backlash methinks.) Hopefully it will gain a bit of a cult following ala Heathers and co.