Monday, 4 January 2010

Fast & Furious - And a bit ridiculous

I love the F&F franchise. I really do. The car racing, the car fronting, the car chasing and the background crime story. All in wonderful day glow imagery. Brilliant. Needless to say, I was very excited about the arrival of number 4 in the series. Even Vin was back in the lead after his cameo in number 3.

Alas all the hype about the reuniting of the original team was a big let down in the end. A bitch crazy opening scene was all there really was to get excited about. It was stupid enough to send out warnings. Where were the colourful cars, where were the watchable car chases? Through underground caves in the dark does not work.

Not so much a bad film as a poor addition to the franchise, like Alien Resurrection, Terminator3, Home Alone 3 &4 (who knows, never bothered to watch em, but no Culkin and no Christmas so no point). Thing is, sequels of popcorn movies should simply be more of the same for me.


Nick aka Puppet Angel said...

I didn't like this at all. I like Vin but Paul Walker is a talent and charisma vacuum. None of the action works and neither does the limp story. But then I'm not really a fan of this franchise as I just don't see the appeal of these silly looking dayglo Japanese cars. Really not my thing at all.

Rob said...

It is ridiculous, which is why I think they need to push it more in the absurd direction to save the franchise.

It's dumb. But not dumb enough. So let them hire Luc Besson as a producer, get the Transporter 2 team onboard, ang go crazy-ape bonkers with cars flying through the air on rocket tyres 'n' stuff.

Oh. And disembowel Paul Walker.

sickboy said...

You could be right Rob, but I think it sits right wher it is. Or at least where it was before 4. Dumb and stupid but all about the colour and cars. If they get too mad then they would just be treading the ground laid by 'Torque'. And thats no good for no one.

As for Paul Walker. These are the only films he fits into.

I'm with Nick, this one doesn't work, fan of the franchise or not.