Friday, 15 January 2010

The Day the Earth Stood Still - Can you sleep standing up??

Looking for a reason to slag off the remaking of classics??? Trying to find that Ammunition??? Look no further. How to ruin a classic. And that's what the original is, a Black and White BBC2 Teatime classic.

This on the other hand is poor. It doesn't grab you at all. In fact it looks and feels like a Stargate SG1 episode at times. I mean look at the poster, if that's not a M.Knight Shyamalan looking number then I don't know what is. That would be OK if

A) It was


B) His films were still good.

Seen it all before. I can't even be bothered to paragraph correctly. Meh!


Nick aka Puppet Angel said...

Yeah, this was shit. Didn't like it at all. Totally misconceived rubbish. The original is a classic film and a brilliant film. I love it and own the special edition dvd. Even at over fifty years old it says so much more and is so much more meaningful still than this load of old toss. Fox once again foxed it up well and good.

Rob said...

Hey, I really like this film.

I love the bit where Sam Jackson fall down the stairs and breaks all his bones.

No, hang on. That was Unbreakable.

sickboy said...

Oooh Unbreakable. Not seen that in a while.

Now that is a good film.