Monday, 4 January 2010

Stomp The Yard - Politically correct 'Guilty pleasure'????

When I first saw this movie I could not stop laughing. It is so serious, like the dance version of 8-mile. But where as that film features rappers, who do scare me (guns and drive bys and all that), this film features 'stepping' and well to do youthful Americans.

Thing is, whilst I laugh, and I do, I Belly laugh (It's so serious), I still can't help but be drawn into the film. It looks great, it's very cliched, but it looks great. Very much a movie. But oh so serious. And so much fronting. It's very much a movie about fronting. And then there's the gayest scene since anything you saw in Top Gun. Like it's trying to say 'Hey we're dancers, but we're buff and we're hard!'

But it is still highly recommended by me to you, for all those reasons above and so many more. So many movies fail in the presentation side. This movie wanted to tell a story about Dance, so it employed Actor/Dancers, or Dancers/Actors. What does this mean to you and me. No close ups of feet or wide angle distance shots, that's what. Love it.

None of the above is a joke by the way, for any doubters who know me too well.

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