Wednesday, 28 January 2009

1408 - Calling Occupants

Old school psychological horror. It's not a bad effort with some genuine scares but as was said at the time, very Twilight Zone-ish, and they always worked better as shorter skits. In places this is very intense, scary, dark and sad. At other times, just a bit predictable and funny. But then this is intentional I think, and maybe why the movie works with Cusack in the lead. I was worried as he is always the same cock-sure Cusack character, but that's the idea. One of the better SK adaptions I've seen of late, but may of worked even better as a Nightmares and Dreamscapes episode.


Rob said...

Cool little horror movie, made better by the presence of Mr Cusack and Mr Jackson.

Much prefer the original theatrical cut over the dodgey 'directors cut' with crap ending.

Pete Tiley / Titan Images said...
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Pete Tiley / Titan Images said...

Concise review and much to the point. I concur. It reminded me of Twighlight Zone but it ran out of steam - as you say clearly a short story. I still jumped however.

I missed Joan. I thought they had some agreement to make every film together?

PS 1408 = 13. Be afraid.