Sunday, 25 January 2009

Pride and Glory - The first rule of the NYPD is.....

The second of the big hitting double acts. And I preferred this one to Righteous Kill. Corrupt police officers is a well used theme, If they'd just pay them a bit more perhaps things wouldn't get out of hand. So the tale may not be unique, but it is handled well. I was gripped from the start, Norton and Farrell can command that of a viewer. Dark, violent and gritty, you will care, not care and care again. Reminded me visually of Narc and it is just as nasty in places. Fireman have 'taches, coppers are bent. NY is so cliched.

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Pete Tiley / Titan Images said...

I thought this was cliched, disjointed and I felt that Ed Norton slept through his performance. Typically they wheeled out to Slow mo NYPD funeral, the 4 generation cop family - all the usual stuff.

Prefer films like Dark Blue.