Wednesday, 21 January 2009

V for Vendetta - My Utopia?

Great film set in a Dystopian future Britain, but for our American friends, the vision is so overtly London Town that it does become laughable. But I'm missing the point and the Gunpowder plot gives the location excuse I suppose. Well acted by all, especially Weaving who is behind a mask the whole time. More importantly, it looks the business, the story is strong and the Wachowskis don't disappoint. Looks similar to other films in this genre, but with each new one that comes along, society moves closer to the vision. Art imitating life...?


Rob said...

My favorite film of 2006.

Great story (a better script then is given credit for) and Weaving is supurb in the role.

Its a little unspectactularly directed but it builds momentum as the plot progresses.

But it has four key sequences in the last hour that represent all that is good and powerful about cinema. The Valerie/interogation sequence, Evey's subsequent 'rebirth, the dominos sequence and the finale.

Uplifting, goose-bump inducing, emotional and inspiring. Subtle it may be not, but when direction , performance, editing and music come together this effecvely, who gives a monkeys about subtle!

Pete Tiley / Titan Images said...

Films like this worry me. I mean, what will we do with no internet and no blogs. Shit, might have to buy a pen.