Thursday, 1 January 2009

Hard Boiled - Hit me baby one more time

Gun totting, eye pooping, jaw dropping action from the master of such things... John Woo. If you like your action stylized and shallow then this is for you. His ridiculous slow-mo sequences will never be the same since Garth Marenghi, but I will love them always anyway. Check it out for a incredible last hour that makes ER look like A Country Practice. Blinding!!

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Rob said...

Ah, a deeply profound experience the first time I saw this.

Nobody told me that action movies could be this violent and this beautiful. And the extreme violence made it more beautiful.

I remember seeing this for the first time, giggling insanely in a small packed art house screening.

With the Tea House, The Chop Shop and the hospital sequences, this remains pretty much unsurpassed in terms of shoot-em-ups.