Sunday, 25 January 2009

Righteous Kill - Say hello to my little skunk pussy

Average story, gritty filming, I love New York city. It doesn't matter as it was never going to be about anything else but De Niro and Pacino. I don't need to tell you they can act, but so does everyone else on show in this. You got to watch it, but you might not be that amazed. Personally I always found Pacino the best of these giants, just seems to have more charisma about him. Tony Montana, Travis Bickle. Tony Montana, Travis Bickle. Tony Montana, Tra....Yep it is a tough one I know.

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Rob said...

Yep, you summed this up in the first word of your first sentence.

In fact, the only movie that springs to mind more average than this, is the other recent Avnet / pacino collaboration "88 Minutes".

C'mon guys... up your game...