Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Tremors - Older & Wiser

Never gets tired, never looks dated. One of the best modern day B movie horrors ever. Hell, can I still call it modern day after 18 Years. A lovable group of characters pitting themselves up against some underground monsters who are out to consume them. Just like a night down the Fire Engine!


Rob said...

You'd have thought this fun combination of comedy and monster movie would be easy to do...yet this remains one of the best of its kind. The pairing of Bacoin and the alkways under-rated FRed Ward is inspired, the gags great, the set pieces thrilling and the rest of the ensemble much more likable than most monster fodder around today.

Gotta watch this again soon.

sickboy said...

Yep, perhaps it's needs some experts like us working on the reboot.