Friday, 16 January 2009

28 Days later - Oh, they're NOT zombies.....phew!!

This is a film I love. It reminds me of why I watch films so much. It flows well and builds tension. Blood and guts are in sweet supply and the DV style and editing draws you into the events onscreen. This makes me want to make movies. Just something so creative about it. Love the soundtrack as well. Hell I could have written this it's my both my ultimate nightmare and dream.


Rob said...

This is from that fairly recent run of British Horror films that said (correctly) to the world "No one makes horror better that us!"... 28 Days Later, Dog Soldiers, Shaun of the Dead and The Descent.

The DV quality gives it a raw edge and the empty London streets are more disturbing than anything in I Am Legend.

this is not a joke said...

oh yeah, they're infected with "rage"

I mean, I've been angry before and haven't turned into a zombie.

Love this one!